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Electronic procurement program in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2013-2015


Public procurement, as a mechanism for meeting the state's needs for goods, works and services, has a significant impact on all areas of the economy and is an integral part of the market economy, since public procurement is carried out on the market and market mechanisms are applied to them. The main indicators of the successful functioning of the public procurement system are efficient and economical expenditure of public funds, transparency and impartiality of public procurement procedures, expansion of the range of participants in public procurement, reduction of the number of complaints against actions of participants in public procurement. With the introduction of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on Public Procurement of Goods, Works and Services in March 2006, developed on the basis of the UNCITRAL model model, public procurement in the Republic of Tajikistan has acquired a new look that meets modern requirements for public procurement procedures. Despite the fact that in general the system of public procurement in Tajikistan is stable and does not cause any special complaints from its participants, both the purchasing organizations and the private sector, the current situation in this area can not be fully considered satisfactory. & nbsp; Comparative analysis with public procurement systems in other countries testifies to the lack of a long-term development strategy, including new tools for achieving the goal of effective spending of public funds.

In developed countries, as well as in many developing countries, public procurement has already moved to the stage of using modern information technologies instead of implementing procurement procedures in paper format, and received the name of e-government procurement. Electronic procurement, which is the implementation of procurement procedures using information technology, is the optimal and effective solution for most of the problems that arise in the course of procurement in the traditional way.

The main factors motivating the adoption and implementation of this program are the need to create a single information space for all public procurement and to increase the level of transparency of public procurement procedures at all its stages, an insufficient level of competition, in particular a weak presence in the public procurement of foreign suppliers, lack of a clear relationship between procurement and annual procurement plans, requirements for centralized accounting and the generation of statistical data on the basis of modern information technologies, the strengthening of state control and the creation of public monitoring of public procurement. This Program is a mechanism for introducing one of the elements of e-government, conditioned by the Concept of the formation of e-government in the Republic of Tajikistan, adopted by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 30, 2011, No. 643.

The advantages of e-procurement are a significant increase in the level of transparency in procurement procedures, equal and unrestricted access to participation, a reduction in procurement prices due to increased competition, a reduction in procurement procedures and costs, increased state and public control, the creation and provision of access to electronic databases of procuring entities, suppliers (contractors) and contracts concluded.

Program of electronic procurement of the Republic of Tajikistan